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Bimonthly magazine brings news from Slovenia on business, culture and sports.



Sinfo - May/June 2019

IN FOCUS: Positive effects of the green economy
IN FOCUS: The Škocjanski zatok
IN FOCUS: Busy bees
GASTRONOMY: A gastronomic star is born – the European Food Summit
DIPLOMACY: The Three Seas Initiative in Slovenia
SPORTS: Slovenian fans unique in promoting the country

Sinfo - May/June 2019

Sinfo - March/April 2019

IN FOCUS: Security challenges - NATO

IN FOCUS: 15 years together in the EU

IN FOCUS: Space technology

CULTURE: Prešeren Awards

SCIENCE: Artificial intelligence

SPORTS: Luka Dončić, basketball superhero


Sinfo - March/April 2019

Sinfo - January/February 2019

IN FOCUS: A bow to the figures of Slovenian ballet
IN FOCUS: A story of returning to one's roots - Memento, Piran
IN FOCUS:The Vodnik Homestead - a boutique cultural centre
GASTRONOMY: Best traditional cuisine chef is Meta Repovž
SPORTS: Athletes of the year 2018


Sinfo - January/February 2019

Sinfo - November/December 2018

IN FOCUS: Piran - How Piran's guardian angel flew away
IN FOCUS: Baron Codelli's African adventure
IN FOCUS: Treasures of Slovenian Film Archives
IN FOCUS: Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra
SPORTS: Darko Đurić, paraolympic swimmer


Sinfo - January/February 2019

In focus: Slovenia - Guest of Honour at the 2022 Frankfurt Book Fair
In focus: 66th Ljubljana Festival
In focus: The hidden gems of Slovenian Tuscany
Tourism: The Most beautifiul Mountain Trail in Slovenia


Sinfo - September/October 2018

Sinfo - July/August 2018

In focus: Balet 100 - Ljubljana's professional ballet ensemble was one of the first in Europe
In focus: Boutique festivals
In focus: Slovenia becoming a european region of gastronomy
Tourism: Glamping


Sinfo - July/August 2018

Sinfo - May/June 2018

In focus: The United Nations proclaims 20 May as World Bee Day
In focus: Dr Peter Kozmus, interview
In focus: Pioneers of Slovenian Beekeeping
In focus: The Carniolan Honey Bee
In focus: Urban Beekeeping


Sinfo - May/June (pdf, eng)

Sinfo - March/April 2018

In focus: National Gallery Celebrates its 100th Anniversary
In focus: St Gregory's Day – »Light on the water«
In focus: Slovenia's Cultural Heritage is an Important Part of Europe's Cultural Heritage
Business: New Opportunities for Preserving and Developing Cultural Heritage
Tourism:The Škrilj Bunker – The Frozen Past Beneath the Forests of Kočevje


Sinfo - January/February 2017

In Focus: Extraordinary Slovenian Olympic Legacy

In Focus: Slovenia House at the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang

In Focus: No barriers for disabled sports people

Business: Renault clio "I feel Slovenia" - the very best from Dolenjska

Culture: European year of cultural heritage 2018

Culture: Cankar in comic strip

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