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Sinfo - December 2014

In Focus: Slovenian missionary Pedro Opeka

Gastronomy: Christmas delicious aromas

Sports Interview: Slovenian athlete Miroslav Cerar


Sinfo - November 2014

In Focus: High-flying Slovenian companies

In Focus Interview: Fashion's Jožica Brodarič

Gastronomy: Making Food Look Good


Sinfo - October 2014

In Focus: Slovene 450 years old - Cerkovna Ordninga

In Focus Interview: Professor Dr Janez Dular - Protecting Slovene language

Culture: 2014 Slovenia's first musical - Blossom in the Fall


Sinfo - September 2014

In Focus: Experience the Roman Emona

Heritage: Find your youth over the bridges of Ljubljana
Sports: 2014 Basketball World Cup 

Sinfo - July/August 2014

In Focus: Bled Strategic Forum 2014 - The Power of trust

In Focus Interview: Juraj Migaš, The Slovak Ambassador - Slovenia is the bridge between Central Europe and the Adriatic
Culture: Rade Šerbedžija, actor, poet and musician - Bled is more beautiful place for the film festival than Cannes

Sinfo - June 2014

In Focus: The Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic - In memory of all victims and as a reminder to future generations

Heritage: Nona's Stories Live on
Gastronomy: A culinary experience on the first battle line - The rifle is a soldier's sweetheart, but the mess tin is his mother, wife and sweetheart, all at one time.

Sinfo - May 2014

In Focus: Shipping is a global market
In Focus: Port of Koper - one of the best ports in the region
Culture Interview: Vasilij Žbogar - the best Slovenian sailor



Sinfo - April 2014

In Focus: EU has become part of our everyday lives
In Focus: Step by step in the EU
Culture Interview: Tinkara Kovač - Round and round

Sinfo - March 2014

In focus interview: Alenka Bratušek, Prime Minister
Business interview: Donar - a story of superb chairs
Heritage: Ravne Carnival masks
Chic: Lisca and Cheek by Lisca conquer foreign markets
Sports: Sochi 2014


Sinfo - February 2014

On The Political Agenda: Captured in ice and snow
In Focus: Sochi 2014 – The most important winter event
In Focus: Ice Dragons
In Focus: Sarajevo '84
Science: Magnetic liquid crystal
Culture Interview: Katarina Čas


Sinfo - January 2014

In Focus: 150th anniversary of the establishment of Južni Sokol - With power in the fist, determination in the heart and the homeland in the mind

In Focus Interview: Petra Majdič - Coaches and competitors must have the best conditions

In Focus: Prehistorical skiing at Bloke - Are Slovenians really a skiing nation?

Business: Elan - The most innovated brand

Heritage: Slovenia marks the centenary of World War I - About »the war to end all wars«