Slovenia’s brand 'I feel Slovenia' has been in use since 2007. The brand was developed with a view to increasing Slovenia’s competitiveness in different fields. It is no coincidence that the brand’s slogan is I feel Slovenia: one cannot get to know Slovenia by simply viewing its image – one must feel and experience it – through words, sounds, colours, touch, action, and experience. 'I feel Slovenia' is an emotional brand, and this sets it apart from the brands of other countries.

How well a country's brand performs also depends on the commitment of different state structures, inhabitants, businesses, tourism, and cultural and scientific institutions to the brand. The use of the brand embodies the true spirit of Slovenians and Slovenia. For a powerful and globally recognisable brand, we must live and upgrade the brand through our interests. 

What is Slovenia’s brand?

The brand was designed by people from all walks of life: representatives of the business, tourist, cultural, scientific and sports sectors, and the political and public spheres. In this way, the brand captures the very essence of Slovenia. This wide-ranging approach to the brand's design guarantees that Slovenians are familiar with the content of their country brand, which reflects their identity, way of life, advantages and national potential. 

The 'I feel Slovenia' brand


• presents Slovenia at home and abroad
• is the brand of all Slovenia lovers
• stands for everything good in Slovenia and from Slovenia
• is a slogan turned brand
• speaks of Slovenian origin
• is a friendlier version of "Made in Slovenia"
Elements of the brand's identity

Slovenian green is the dominant colour of the country brand, as two thirds of Slovenia’s territory is covered with forest. It conjures up unspoilt nature or sustainable development, and our focus on keeping it that way.

Brands usually tell stories. The identity of the country brand is founded on the following basic elements of the brand's story:

• Enthusiasm towards everything we enjoy.
• Slovenia is different and you can feel it.
• Slovenia encourages you to take up things that excite you.
• Our vision is green boutiqueness.
• Our mission is clear – forward with nature (sustainable development). 


Use of the brand


The identity of the brand and the guidelines for its use are described in a brand book:


Request for promotional use of I feel slovenia brand


The content of the brand is presented in the Brand Book, which sets out the basic elements and conditions for the use of the brand along with the guidelines for using the slogan and logo. The Brand Book is intended for people who want to use the brand of Slovenia. Of course, each user will present it in a unique way, but it is important to remember that you are not allowed to change the brand or logo.

What is promotional use of the brand?

Promotional use means that the elements of the brand's content (described in the Brand Book) and the logo can be used freely (but in compliance with the instructions on the proper use of the logo in the Manual on the brand's visual identity) at fairs and conferences, in promotional publications, product and service advertising, presentations, letters, etc.

The instructions on how to use the brand can be found in the Brand Book and the Manual on the brand's visual identity.
How to obtain a permit to use the brand for promotion
Anyone wishing to use the brand for promotion must obtain a permit or approval from the brand's administrator. 

If you wish to use the brand, please complete the form requesting permission to use the brand.  

Important notice:

Individuals and organisations holding a permit to use the brand thereby agree to use the logo/brand exclusively for promotion in accordance with the Manual on the brand's visual identity and to submit the draft design/graphics to the contact person of the brand's administrator for approval.


Brand administrator

The administrator of the brand is the Government Communication Office.
Its task is to develop and manage the brand, and ensure that the brand and its elements are used appropriately.

The administrator's contact person is Ms Polona Prešern (email: polona.preseren(at) 


The more frequently and uniformly the brand of Slovenia is used, the stronger it will become. Therefore, as the brand's administrators, we encourage and support the use of the brand for promotion. By using and living the brand in our special way, we send a clear picture of Slovenia to foreign business partners, visitors, tourists, politicians, global media users and the general public. We show our strong points and what sets us apart from other countries in order to make Slovenia more attractive, enabling others to feel, get to know, appreciate and value Slovenia for what it is. We encourage Slovenians to use the brand to make it even stronger.