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Slovenia News 22 July 2014
The Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Alenka Bratušek, and the Minister of Defence, Roman Jakič, attended a donor conference on aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. According to the latest information, conference participants have contributed funds totalling over 1.8 billion euros. 

At the press conference, the PM said that over 400 representatives of all major international organisations, member states and other representatives of the international community were attending. 

"The title of today's conference is 'Rebuilding Together', as we wish ensure funds for the immediately deal with the damage caused by the tragic events. The damage has been estimated at about 4 billion euros. Today, we collected the funds that are urgently needed in order for life to return to normal. In this respect, it is particularly necessary that children will be able to return to school in the autumn and that those who had to leave their homes will be able to return to them before winter," said the PM. 

In addition to 3.6 million euros contributed before the conference, Slovenia pledged an additional million euros. "Once again, there has been a show of solidarity among the countries, so I would like to thank again all of the countries that participated at the donor conference," said the PM.
Domestic Policy
Pahor and Cerar Hope Govt Appointed in Late September
Ljubljana - President Borut Pahor and the winner of Sunday's general election Miro Cerar voiced hope that a new government could be in place in the second half of September, as they met for an informal meeting, their first follow... More »
New Information Commissioner Takes Over
Ljubljana - Mojca Prelesnik took over as the new information commissioner on Thursday from Nataša Pirc Musar, who said after serving two five-year terms that she was handing over an office that is "in top condition". P... More »
Social Democrats Climb to 4th Spot, No Comfort for SLS
Ljubljana - The People's Party (SLS) remains below the 4% threshold to enter parliament, while the Social Democrats (SD) have advanced ahead of the United Left (ZL), according to final unofficial results of the 13 July general el... More »
EU Topics
Slovenia Loses Landmark LB Court Case in Strasbourg
Strasbourg - Slovenia has lost a landmark ruling in the case of Yugoslav-era foreign currency deposits at the European Court of Human Rights, which decided that the country will have to adopt a scheme for repaying deposit-holders... More »
Economy & Finance
Central Bank Cautions Against False Sense of Security
Ljubljana - The governor of Slovenia's central bank, Boštjan Jazbec, has warned that Slovenia is at a crossroads again and that the sense of security ... More »
Succession Negotiator Finds Savings Deposits Ruling Unfair
Ljubljana - Miran Mejak, the head of the Slovenian team negotiating on succession to the former Yugoslavia, deems the European Court of Human Rights' ruling against Slovenia in the case of Yugoslav-era savings deposits unfair. In... More »
Privatisation Must Continue, Economy Minister Dragonja Says
Ljubljana - The privatisation in Slovenia must continue, outgoing Economic Development and Technology Minister Metod Dragonja said on Monday, calling for legislative changes aimed at "securing quality buyers for state compan... More »
Rise in Self-Employment Ends Along with Subsidies Programme
Ljubljana - Spurred by a state subsidies programme, self-employment, especially among the unemployed, saw a surge in popularity in recent years, but the trend ended along with the support programme this year. The system had many ... More »
Minister Židan Visits Bavaria to Discuss Ice Storm Forest Cleanup
Munich - Agriculture and Environment Minister Dejan Židan and a business delegation completed a two-day working visit to Munich, Germany that focused above all on potential cooperation in Slovenia's efforts to clean up large par... More »
Slovenia and Croatia Join Forces to Fight Wild Fires
Ljubljana, 17 July (STA) - The Slovenian and Croatian heads of the civil protection and disaster relief administrations, Darko But and Jadran Perinić, signed an agreement regulating airborne aid during wild fires in Ljubljana on... More »
Culture & Media
Slovenian Opera Diva Celebrates 90th Birthday

Maribor, 16 July (STA) - The world-renowned opera singer and one of the biggest Slovenian artists Ondina Otta Klasinc turned 90 today. Th... More »
Piece of Slovenian Cultural Heritage Sold in London for EUR 1.4m
London - A 15th century manuscript that was acquired three centuries later by Ljubljana-based Baron Jožef Erberg Kalasanc and is considered an important part of Slovenia's cultural heritage was sold at an auction in London to an... More »
Musicians Converge on Ljubljana for World-Class Training
Ljubljana - As many as 222 young academically educated musicians from 33 countries will be spending the next fortnight perfecting their skills at 15 master classes given by Europe's leading musicians as Ljubljana hosts what is on... More »
Dancing Zombies Bring Down Curtain on Ljutomer Film Festival
Ljutomer - The macabre ruled supreme in the streets of north-eastern town of Ljutomer on Saturday as Slovenia's most eccentric film festival culminated with a zombie parade, followed by a ceremony at which awards for best spooky ... More »
Busy Holiday Season at Museums and Galleries
Ljubljana - Most of Ljubljana galleries and museums have seen a surge in visitors during the summer season, mainly on account of foreign tourists visiting the Slovenian capital. One big hit is the exhibition of photographs by Jos... More »
Slovenian Minority Writer Alojz Rebula Turning 90 and Bringing Out New Book
Ljubljana - Alojz Rebula, Slovenia's leading minority writer along with Boris Pahor, is turning 90 today and is still active. He is looking forward to the launch of his new novel, which is dealing with the effects of the 1948 spl... More »
Novelist Vladimir Kavčič, Prešeren Laureate, Dies
Ljubljana - Novelist Vladimir Kavčič, one of the two Prešeren Prize laureates this year, died last night after turning 82 years on Sunday. His family said Kavčič died from post-operative complications.
More »
Slovenian Hospital Opens Doors to Expectant Mothers from Italy
Nova Gorica/Gorizia - Several hundred expectant mothers from Italy are expected to give birth at the Nova Gorica hospital in Slovenia every year, after the maternity hospital in the neighbouring city of Gorizia was shut down... More »
Luka Koper Increases Cargo Transshipment
Koper - Port operator Luka Koper transshipped 9.26 million tonnes of cargo in the first half of the year, up 4% compared with the same period in 2013. It also posted a 9% rise in sales revenue to EUR 76.36 million.
... More »
Slovenian-Dominated US Town St. Stephen Marks Centenary
Minneapolis - St. Stephen, a town in the US federal state of Minnesota with a population of less than 1,000, most of which is of Slovenian descent, marked its 100th anniversary last weekend with a parade headed by Slovenian Ambas... More »
Slovenian Spas Report Increase in Number of Guests
Celje, 18 July (STA) - It seems that Slovenia could see yet another record season in tourism, as spa resorts across the country have reported an increase in the number of guests (+1.7%) and overnight stays (+0.2%) in the fist six... More »
Schedule of Events from 22 to 27 July

TUESDAY, 22 July

  • BRUSSELS, Belgium - Outgoing Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec will take part in a session of EU foreign ministers which is expected to focus on the situation in Ukraine.
  • LJUBLJANA - Changes to the act on archives will enter into force after the... More »
Human Rights & Humanitarian Issues
Donor Conference for Bosnia and Serbia Raises EUR 1.8bn
Brussels - The donor conference for flood-stricken Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, which was held in Brussels on Wednesday at Slovenia's initiative, raised a total of EUR 1.8bn, the bulk of which is to be secured in the form of ch... More »
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