Slovenia News 22 April 2014



The government adopted on Tuesday the National Reform Programme 2014-2015 that Slovenia needs to submit to the EU by the end of April. The programme, which is mostly a continuation of existing reform efforts aimed at balancing the budget and kick-starting growth, will serve to the European Commission as a basis for issuing recommendations.



Domestic Policy
Govt Adopts National Reform Programme 2014-2015

Ljubljana - The government adopted on Tuesday the National Reform Programme 2014-2015 that Slovenia needs to submit to the EU by the end of April. The programme, which is mostly a continuation of existing reform efforts aimed at balancing the budget and kick-starting growth, will serve to the ... More »
Foreign Affairs
Minor Modifications of Border Sought with Italy, Hungary
Ljubljana - Slovenia will seek an agreement with Italy and Hungary to modify a minor section of the border with each country to ease access and maintenance of the border. Under an initiative adopted by the government, an agreement will be sought with Italy to move the border on the Čubnica/Barbaci... More »
Slovenia’s Activities in the Western Balkans
... More »
Slovenia Welcomes Geneva Agreement on Ukraine
Ljubljana - The Slovenian Foreign Ministry welcomed on Friday the agreement on calming tensions and strengthening the safety of all Ukrainians reached in Geneva by the US, Russia, Ukraine and the EU. The ministry urged a prompt implementation of the agreement. It said that the crisis in Ukraine cou... More »
Erjavec Meets Economic Attaches, Stresses Need to Back Export Companies
Ljubljana - Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec underlined at the annual meeting of Slovenian economic attaches in Ljubljana on Tuesday the need to support Slovenia's export businesses if Slovenia is to exit the crisis. Erjavec said that economic diplomacy was a priority of the Foreign Ministry and als... More »
EU Topics
EU Funds Boosting Slovenia's Development
Ljubljana - EU-backed projects have become a leading means of development in Slovenia after 2004, when Slovenia joined the EU. The Brussels billions are seen as especially important in times of the economic crisis, even though it is generally believed that there is still room for improvement when it... More »
Economy & Finance
National Reform Programme 2014–2015
... More »
Business Reps Believe EU Entry Right Strategic Decision
Ljubljana - Slovenian businesses believe that the country's entry into the EU ten years ago was the right strategic decision. Despite the economic crisis, EU membership has brought numerous advantages for Slovenian companies on the markets of the wider region, but the country has also experienced so... More »
Slovenia Relatively Happy with EU Agricultural Policy
Ljubljana - Slovenian agriculture used the country's EU membership for phasing funds, but the effect is not as good as we would have liked it, the agriculture minister told the STA as Slovenia marks a decade in the bloc. Slovenia will have to improve that in the future, but a farmer must know what... More »
Slovenia Develops Technology to Get Accurate Weather Forecast
Portorož - Slovenia is the first to develop a solution which enables more accurate short-term weather forecasts by using weather measurements from planes crossing the country's air space. The solution is a result of cooperation of Slovenia Control (which is the Slovenian air traffic control centre... More »
Govt Moves to Set Up State-Run Forest Management Company
Ljubljana - The Ministry for Agriculture and Environment has reacted to the massive damage cause to forests by the recent ice storm with a proposal for a new state-run forest management company that will be able to temporarily intervene in the market in the event of natural disasters. Minister De... More »
Culture & Media
Slovenian Florists to Decorate St Peter's Basilica
Ljubljana - A couple of Slovenian florists have been chosen to decorate St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican for Easter celebrations. It will take three days to set up the arrangements of the central part of the basilica including the Bernini's baldachin, the pair told the press in Ljubljana on Tues... More »
Ema Kugler's Latest Film Wins Award at Houston's WorldFest
Houston - "Odmevi časa" (Echoes of Time), a feature film by Slovenian experimental artist Ema Kugler, has won a special jury award at this year's Houston International Film Festival, one of the world's oldest independent film and video festivals. According to Kugler, the film is dealin... More »
Slovenia's Belak Wins Vault at Gymnastics World Cup Event
Ljubljana - The first day of the two-day Artistic Gymnastics World Cup event in Ljubljana on Saturday saw Slovenia's Teja Belak convincingly win the women's vault with a 14.112 mark, her third World Cup victory in front of the home crowd in the last two years. "I'm very satisfied with today'... More »
Slovenia Received 2.3M Foreign Tourists Last Year
Ljubljana - A total of 2.26 million foreign tourists visited Slovenia in 2013, generating nearly 6 million overnight stays, which are both all-time highs, figures from the Statistics Office show. The number of foreign visitors was up 5% over the previous record number achieved in 2012. They gener... More »
Public Opinion
Survey Shows Slovenians Prefer Domestic Brands
Ljubljana - The latest international Best Buy Award survey has found that Slovenians prefer mostly domestic brands, which they believe offer the best ratio between the price and quality. Slovenian brands are also appreciated on the markets of former Yugoslavia, according to the survey. In the sur... More »
Schedule of Events for 22-27 April
Ljubljana - Schedule of events in the week for 22 to 27 April: TUESDAY, 22 April
        LONDON, UK - PM Alenka Bratušek will pay a working visit to the UK to meet her counterpart David Cameron and the president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and ... More »
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