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Reception for accredited Slovenian journalists at the Winter Olympic Games at the Slovenia House in Pyeongchang

Slovenia has its own national house at the Winter Olympics in South Korea. The Slovenia House, or I feel Slovenia House, which will promote Slovenia during the Olympic Games, opened its doors in Pyeongchang today.

The Olympic Games is the largest sporting event in the world, and the Slovenia House will once again be an integral part of Slovenia’s presence at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, after a hiatus of eight years since Vancouver. The Slovenian House is a meeting place for athletes, high-level representatives of various sports, Olympic committees, businesspeople and of course random visitors who thereby have the chance to get to know Slovenia.


President of the Slovenian Olympic Committee Bogdan Gabrovec and Minster of Education, Science and Sport Dr Maja Makovec Brenčič held a reception for Slovenian journalists, camera operators and technical staff of RTV Slovenija who are accredited for the Winter Olympic Games at the Slovenian House in Pyeongchang on the day before the official opening ceremony.


“Without you and your skilful and objective reporting to the people in our homeland, there would be no timely and objective news”, said Gabrovec, who added: “I am particularly happy that we are able to spend time today with the RTV Slovenija technical staff, who work day and night and somehow always manage to get right to the edge of the action.”


Minster of Education, Science and Sport Dr Maja Makovec Brenčič noted how significant and big Slovenia’s results have been in both individual and team sports. “The history of Slovenian sports around the world is reported to the world by members of the press, whose work is often extremely difficult and responsible. Slovenia is just over 25 years old, and sport is one of the areas that shows us that we are as capable as anyone. I believe that we will be able to take our message to the world, including the national brand I feel Slovenia, which is helping Slovenia promote its image in Pyeongchang. And the Slovenia House nicely encapsulates the country and its economy.”


The journalists in attendance were also addressed by President of the Advisory Committee of the Kolektor corporation and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Delo newspaper publishing company Stojan Petrič. Kolektor’s contribution was the deciding factor in Slovenia’s being able to present the Slovenia House at these Olympics. Kolektor is the only Slovenian company that has a factory in South Korea. “We are very happy to be here with you today and to be a part of the story in Korea – a story of passion, persistence and perseverance, which connects to the story of I feel Slovenia. We hope that we will achieve good results here, which place sports, the economy and the country at the forefront. Why did we get involved with the Slovenia House? Because we have been present in Korea for more than 20 years and we are creating an economic story with our company here. It was very difficult, just like sports. Good results only come through hard work.”


Later at the event, which was also attended by Slovenian Ambassador to Japan Her Excellency Simona Leskovar and the President of the Ski Association of Slovenia Enzo Smrekar, the attendees enjoyed a brief informal gathering.