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October, 2003

In the last nine years, 276.6 km of new motorways and other roads in the national programme (or an average of 28 km annually) have been completed and opened to traffic in Slovenia. Motorway construction started in l970, and by the end of 1993, a total of 198.4 km of two and four lane motorways (or 8 km annually) had been built and opened to traffic.


In 1994, Slovenia started to implement the National Programme for the Construction of Motorways (NPIA), which envisaged the construction of motorway links in the east - west direction from Šentilj to Koper, also branching off to the Hungarian and Italian borders, and motorway links in the north - south direction from the Karavanke tunnel on the Austrian border to Obrežje on the Croatian border.



Macroeconomic impact of motorway construction on the Slovene economy


On average, investments have increased by 7.78 % per year, and without this construction, annual growth of GDP between 1994 and 2002 would have been lower on average by 0.91 %. During this period, the employment rate has increased on average by 0.7 % annually, which means about 4,000 new jobs per year. Furthermore, motorway construction had an annual average impact on prices of 0.07 %, while final consumption kept increasing by 1.25 % per year.


The financing sources for the construction of motorways during the period 1994 - 2002 were the following:

  • 55 % budget appropriations;
  • 15 % loans from international financial institutions (EIB, EBRD);
  • 15 % national financial loans (bank consortium);
  • 7 % foreign financial loans;
  • 7 % part of the toll earmarked for the financing of motorway construction;
  • 1 % other sources (co-financing, other).

Proposed new national programme for the construction of motorways in the Republic of Slovenia


The new draft programme was adopted at a session of the Government on 31 July 2003 and it covers the construction of the following motorway links:

  • in the southwest-northeast direction from Koper to Šentilj on the Slovene-Austrian border, by gradual additions of motorway sections to the Slovene-Italian and Slovene-Hungarian border;
  • in the northwest-southeast direction from the Karavanke tunnel on the Slovene-Austrian border to Obrežje on the Slovene-Croatian border,

    and includes the construction of:
  • 538.6 km of motorways and high-speed roads
  • 34 km of other state roads
  • additional toll stations
  • international border crossing points
  • two motorway access and exit points each of 6.1 km
  • rehabilitation of state roads.


The criteria for the determination of construction priorities are based on economic viability, and traffic, developmental and environmental protection policies.


The estimated investment value is 5,425.9 million euro (in the period 2003 - 2013, works valued at 3,475.7 million euro will have to be completed). In order to implement the National Road Construction Programme, the following funds will have to be provided within the next ten years:

  • budgetary appropriations (Republic of Slovenia budget): 42.6 %
  • securities (bonds): 45.9 %
  • national and foreign loans: 10.7 %
  • other sources: 0.8 %


Tolls, rental charges and other funds to a total amount of 1,885.1 million euro, collected during the next decade, will be used for the management and maintenance of motorways and for the repayment of loans based on bonds issued.


The motorway link from Maribor to Koper will be completed by the start of the 2005 tourist season, and the high-speed road link through the Vipava valley to the motorway network will be finished by the end of 2007. The motorway link from the Karavanke tunnel to Obrežje and the major part of the Pomurje motorway section (especially from Lenart to Beltinci and the link to the Hungarian network) will be completed by the end of 2008, and the link Slovenska Bistrica-Ptuj-Ormož by the end of 2009. The entire Pomurje motorway section from Beltinci to Pince will be built by the end of 2010, and between 2011 and 2013, the final section of the coastal road to Lucija, the second half of the motorway from Beltinci to Pince, and the motorway from Pesnica to Ptujska cesta will also be finished.


A total of 139.5 km of roads planned in the National Road Construction Programme of the Republic of Slovenia (103 km of four-lane and 36.5 km of two-lane roads) will be completed by the end of 2006. A further 227.8 km of roads (105.8 km of four-lane and 122 km of two- lane roads) will be built between 2007 and 2013.


After 2013, planned work includes: linking other regions to the motorway network of Koroška; linking Jelšane international border crossing point to the motorway network through Ilirska Birstrica; linking Koper to Dragonja; the completion of the Pyrn corridor to the border with Croatia; the enlargement of the Ljubljana western motorway ring into a six-lane motorway; the construction of the final section of the Maribor western ring and Povodje - Jeprca - Stanežiče. The anticipated additional programme as defined above amounts to 140 km.



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