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PRIZMA 2007 Awarded to The National Communication Campaign "The Euro - for All of Us"

At the recent 11th Slovenian Conference on Public Relations, which took place between 17 and 19 October 2007 in Terme Olimia, the Government Communication Office and the Bank of Slovenia were awarded the PRIZMA 2007 award for communication excellence in the national campaign supporting the introduction of the euro - "The Euro - for All of Us".


In the jury report, the panel of judges panel headed by Simona Rodež explained that the creators of the project, the Government Communication Office and the Bank of Slovenia, had not underestimated the predominantly positive attitude of Slovenes towards the introduction of the euro. Cooperating with other key institutions, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Economy, the Bank Association of Slovenia, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Craft, and the Slovene Consumers' Association, they devised and led a rational, people-oriented communication campaign, aimed at providing as much information as possible on the new currency and on key information about all stages of preparations for and the adoption of the new currency.


They built on and adapted to Slovenian needs the experience of countries that introduced the euro in 2002. They identified all key groups that needed additional assistance, and devised a strategy that not only provided information, but also took dialogue into consideration, and the active inclusion of the key target publics in the project. Creative communication tools developed for particular segments of the public, for example, the blind, the elderly or ethnic minorities, made it possible for messages to reach the majority of citizens and those living across the border. The communication campaign not only contributed to the smooth introduction of the euro, but also strengthened the image of the country, the government, institutions, the financial market and the open-mindedness of the people at home and abroad.


The PRIZMA 2007 judges panel awarded the communication programme supporting the introduction of the euro "The Euro - for All of Us" the highest grade. The Public Relations Society of Slovenia, PRSS, awarded Nada Serajnik Sraka of the Government Communication Office and Gordana Pipan of the Bank of Slovenia, who submitted the entry for the PRIZMA 2007 award, a prize in the form of public relations courses to the value of €1000, which the recipients donated to the non-governmental humanitarian organisation Ozara Slovenija, which works in the public interest in the field of social and health care.


Prizma is a national award for expertise conferred by the Public Relations Society of Slovenia, PRSS, to Slovenian organisations for excellence in communication programmes in the public relations field.


In the opinion of the jury, the examples exhibit excellence in all stages of the communication process. A clear specification of communication objectives, creative and effective solutions and tools, particular methods of measurement and analysis before and after the realisation of activities, were more or less evident in all entries. The President of the PRIZMA 2007 jury, Simona Rodež: "With very few exceptions, this year's entries are truly exemplary and have practically all achieved the required standards of communication excellence, which is why it was not only the details, but those nuances that make an otherwise good communication example top-notch that decided the winner. This year's winners are certainly characterised by multi-layered and complex communication. They also exhibit subtlety and simplicity, and effective ideas that are consistently realised."