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Office Awarded a Prize for Website Excellence



Portorož, 20 January 2005



At the Net conference in Portorož, the Izidor Prize was awarded by Gospodarski vestnik - Education for the websites, web applications, electronic news and other forms of electronic communication. One of the winners is also the Public Relations and Media Office, which received the first prize in the "state" category, according to the selection of the technical jury.

The Izidor Prize is awarded for website excellence, which is a combination of three criteria: project objective, user needs and characteristics of the internet as a medium and a specific communication environment. Out of 154 submitted projects, 26 awards were granted in 13 competitor groups. The technical jury and website users selected the best websites.

In the "state" category, the technical jury awarded the highest rating to the website of the Public Relations and Media Office

According to the decision of the technical jury, the web gateway containing the information about life in the EU "Slovenija. Doma v Evropi." was also one of the finalists. This gateway is also managed by the Public Relations and Media Office.

Source: STA