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The content of this website has been moved to, the state administration's main website published on 1 July 2019.
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The Government Communication Office is an independent professional service of the Slovene government with the following responsibilities:

  • ensuring that the work of the government is public and informing the domestic public about the work of the Prime Minister and ministries;
  • provides know-how and technical support for organising and conducting ministerial communications campaigns relating to the most important programme projects of the Government;
  • informing the public abroad about the work of the Slovene Government, of the Prime Minister, of ministries and of the President of the Republic of Slovenia;
  •  providing professional support to the government spokesperson and public relations services within ministries and government offices;
  • organising communication campaigns and providing communication support during events of national importance in Slovenia;
  • planning, carrying out and co-ordinating general promotional activities by the state;
  • performs activities related to direct forms of communication of the government with citizens (web communication, call centres).


Subject to agreement, the Office performs other tasks for other national bodies.


The Office works independently and together with the government spokesperson, with ministries and government offices and with professional and academic institutions and experts in the relevant areas.