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The content of this website has been moved to, the state administration's main website published on 1 July 2019.
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The Government Communication Division (GCD) has the following responsibilities:

  • coordinating government public relations and developing the bases for government public relations policies;
  • strategic planning of communication activities and analyses;
  • expertise and administrative work with regard to coordinating the government's public relations;
  • crisis communication for the government;
  • managing communication projects and campaigns to support government programmes;
  • providing expert and technical assistance to organisations and the implementation of communication campaigns of ministries in support of vital programmes of ministries or the government;
  • managing relations (communication) with foreign and domestic media;
  • direct communication with citizens and communication cooperation with NGOs;
  • general promotion of the country and managing the national brand;
  • communicating common EU projects in Slovenia and strategic communication cooperation with the EU.

E-mail: info.ukom(at)


Division Head

Branko Vidrih

Phone: + 386 1 478 26 32

Fax: + 386 1 251 23 12

e-mail: branko.vidrih(at)


Section for Media Relations (SMR)

  • informing the public about the work of the government and decisions adopted at its sessions;
  • preparing press conferences on current issues pertaining to the work of the government, the prime minister and ministries;
  • providing answers to journalists’ questions on the work of the government, ministries and government services;
  • preparing press releases on the work of the government, its working bodies and other official communication with the media;
  • publishing information on the government’s work on the government web site and social media;
  • coordinating the work of public relations advisors at individual ministries and government offices and services when informing the public about the work of the government and ministries;
  • communicating with representatives of foreign media (preparing and distributing press releases on current political, cultural and other significant issues);
  • planning and organising individual and group visits of foreign journalists in Slovenia and ensuring basic information services for foreign journalists coming to Slovenia;
  • providing communication support and organising press centres for high-level visits (heads of state or government) and other major national events;
  • communicating information about current political developments in Slovenia to selected and targeted foreign audiences;
  • monitoring the reporting of national and international media on developments in Slovenia and its international activities;
  • providing a press clipping service and maintaining a relevant database;
  • drafting analytic documents for communication programmes and campaigns;
  • providing assistance to PR services and staff at ministries, government services and the Office of the Prime Minister;
  • drafting, managing, editing and coordinating information on the government web site and social media.

E-mail: info.ukom(at)


Head of Section

Andreja Šonc Simčič

Phone: + 386 1 478 25 59 

Fax: + 386 1 251 23 12

e-mail: andreja.sonc(at)

Section for Communication Projects (SCP)

  • providing strategic support in the process of adopting and communicating government policies;
  • participating in, and providing expertise and technical assistance in, drafting and implementing government communication campaigns;
  • managing and coordinating communication projects based on government’s priorities;
  • planning, managing and coordinating web and digital communication projects for government priorities;
  • communicating common EU projects in Slovenia and providing strategic communication input in EU working groups and to the European Commission;
  • directly communicating with citizens and establishing communication cooperation with NGOs.

E-mail: info.ukom(at) 


Head of Section 

Nataša Pavšek

Phone: +386 1 478 26 16

Fax: +386 1 251 23 12

e-mail: natasa.pavsek(at)